Why Should we Install Solar Power System?

Solar Panel Installation

Non- renewable energy is going to finish after some years. Nuclear power is still having safety issues. So we should think about our future generation. If we start now using renewable energy it will help our future generation. According to survey Karnataka state plants are utilizing 11rakes coals every day to supply power to state. So in this situation we should start using solar power for our home.

Solar energy is the energy for the present and the future. We can generate and utilize our own electrical energy for our building at zero running cost. Solar energy is free. Only initial investment and once in 5years cost of battery are involved. Obviously, there are no fuel charges. It is more reliable since electricity transmission/distribution lines from the utility supplier are eliminated. We are not at all polluting the environment. You are doing service to humanity. Sun rises every day.  Hence, solar energy is renewable energy. Cost of conversional electricity is rising continuously. We should install solar power in our home for uninterrupted electricity.

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