Upgrade to sustainability with our Microtek Solar Inverter Combo. Experience the efficiency of Microtek MPPT 2Kva, brilliant illumination with M H C 545 panels, and the reliability of OKAYA 200 AH bat


Microtek Solar Inverter Combo: Harness Sustainable Power for a Brighter Tomorrow.

Unleash the Power of Microtek MPPT 2Kva

Transform your energy consumption with the Microtek MPPT 2Kva, a cutting-edge solar inverter that maximizes energy conversion. This intelligent inverter adapts to sunlight variations, optimizing solar power utilization for unparalleled efficiency. Embrace sustainability with every surge of power.

Illuminate Your Space with Microtek M H C 545

Elevate your lighting experience with the Microtek M H C 545. Designed for seamless integration with the Microtek MPPT 2Kva, these high-performance solar panels guarantee a constant and reliable energy source. Witness brilliance as your space comes to life with eco-friendly illumination.

OKAYA 200 AH Batteries: Powering Your Life, Ensuring Durability

OKAYA 200 AH batteries are the backbone of your energy storage solution. Engineered for longevity and reliability, these batteries perfectly complement the Microtek Solar Inverter Combo. With OKAYA, enjoy an uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind, knowing your investment is built to last.

Warranty: All products have a warranty of Microtek Inverter – 25 months, Solar panel – 25 months, Solar Battery – 60 months.