Microtek Solar Inverter Combo (2550 inverter, 4x Poly 330 panels, 2x OKAYA 150 AH batteries). Enjoy reliable backup & go green.


The Microtek Solar Inverter Combo package combines a Microtek PWM 2550 inverter, four high-performance Microtek Poly 330 solar panels, and two durable OKAYA 150 AH batteries, providing everything you need to generate clean, reliable electricity. 

Experience the Benefits:

  • Say goodbye to expensive bills: Generate your power and reduce dependence on the grid, slashing your energy costs.
  • Reliable backup: Enjoy seamless power even during outages with automatic switch-over to solar or battery.
  • Harness the sun’s power: Four efficient Poly 330 panels capture sunlight effectively, maximizing your energy output.
  • Store for later: Two 150 AH batteries provide ample energy storage for nighttime and cloudy days.
  • Sustainable solution: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner planet with renewable energy.

Built for Convenience and Peace of Mind:

  • User-friendly inverter: Easy-to-understand interface for monitoring system performance and managing power flow.
  • Durable construction: Weather-resistant panels and robust batteries are built to last in harsh conditions.
  • Microtek quality: Backed by a trusted brand known for reliable solar technology.

Warranty: All products come with a warranty of  Microtek Inverter – 25 months, Solar panel – 25 months, Solar Battery – 60 months